IDT Intearc 2016
INTEARC is a group competition initiated by IDT meant for Interior designing students. It is a semi annual display of different furniture and products themewise. The best and highest scorer group will win this competition Main objectives are Team Building, Interior designing technical familiarity, Initiate conceptual ideas in students, Theme development, Will learn to compete
Place : IDT Parlepoint
Organized For : IDT Interor Design Student
Organized By : IDT SUrat
Institute of design & technology IDT feels proud announce our Grand Fashion Eve is nearing for Kids in the name of Gujarat Kids Fashion Week (GKFW 2016). The world of fashion is taking a new generation by storm and this generation is young, small and tender.
Place : SAnjeevkumar auditorium Surat
Organized For : fashion Design Students
Organized By : IDT SUrat
IDT GKFW @ u turn
IDT – Fashion Designing Students – at ‪#‎Uturn‬ proving their talents from heart. Today at U-Turn, IDT has unveiled its 11 themes of Gujrat Kids Fashion Week which is to be held on 17th Jan, 16 at Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium, Pal. Cheers from Surtis in U-Turn for tiny kids fills this Sunday cool morning with warmth. It was a source of attraction for the entire 30,000 crowd there.
Place : pipload surat
Organized For : IDT Fashion Design Student
Organized By : IDT Surat
idt gkfw 1st round audition
Place : central mall surat
Organized For : idt fashion design students
Organized By : idt surat
idt intearc team slection
IDT interior design intearc furniture design competition team selection @ shot (rahulraj mall)
Place : rahulraj mall shoots
Organized For : idt interior design student
Organized By : idtsurat


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